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Reach Active Lifestyle Consumers

The successful, affluent, tech savvy, fashion conscious crowds which are hard to reach through traditional advertising.


58,000 2-weekly footfall, 67% ABC1 Young and established families, young professionals, 45+

Makes up almost 45% of Ghana’s population.

Targeted marketing for better return on your advertising investment.

Connect at the right place. At the right time.

Connect with affluent and motivated audiences whilst they are in a positive mindset and most receptive to advertising. At Konex it’s more than just viewing, it’s about feeling. That’s why we connect with mind and emotion; at the right places at the right time.

Gym Partners

D6 (Digital 6-sheet)

Konex Digital 6-sheets improve the health club experience as a highly visible and engaging communication channel to members. Connecting members to premium brands and exclusive promotions further adds value to their memberships.

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